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Cybershaman VIII

Cybershaman XP - VISTA - Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Cybershaman is fully compatible with these operating systems.

Additionally due to the improvements made after the Windows 7 debacle the programs run better than ever. I have tested Cybershaman and The Wish Machine extensively and the results are great. I am planning to release Cybershaman and the other programs for Windows 10 as soon as I finish coding them.

The free version exists so people with no money can have Cybershaman. Version 8 of the free program will not be updated to Cybershaman 10. Why? Because too many free users are using the free version while they purchase garbage programs, and can more than afford to pay for a commercial version. This is not fair. Version 8 Free will be distributed here and nowhere else. Going forward you will have to request the free version from a real email address.

Cybershaman VIII Pro On Demand


Cybershaman VIII, 3, 12, and Pro Released




Access from anywhere on any device! Android, iPad, MacBook, PC, Linux if it has an HTML5 Browser or a RDP client, even VNC you can use Cybershaman and let it run on the server.

What you get:

Cybershaman VIII 12 Session version or Pro

Optionally The Magnetron and or Wish Machine

You will be able to add your images and download your databases for backup.

24/7 very fast access Device independence. From your Smartphone to your iPad Mini and everything in between.

Prices will depend on what the client wants. Contact There is no free trial. Serious inquiries only.A demo can be arranged but will be on a first come first served basis. The cloud is the future and we are there for you.


Cybershaman is a tool that can help you in a number of ways. Some people call it a Radionics program, to some degree it is. It was inspired by a Radionics Machine. I set out out design an interface for the representation of meditational practice, prayer, focus, and yes, magic(k). Traditional practitioners of magic perform rituals. These rituals have been around as long as human beings have and many appear to work. Cybershaman will help you to accomplish things you normally find difficult or impossible by teaching you to channel your intent and then using your focus to power your intent. Let's be clear, I'm not talking about doing magic or magick as seen on TV, I'm talking about what "really" goes on when people that believe they are practicing magic get results, how they get results and why they get them.


You will not be performing magic rituals you will be learning to focus and deliver your intent. There is a big difference. Magic rituals involve dogmatic belief systems that are not only inefficient but frankly just made up by Shamans and Sorcerers to justify the results. It's easier to do an act of focused intent and have it be respected if it is involved and secretive. The truth is, anyone can do it,

Cybershaman helps you get there.

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Symbols and their meanings

Saisanjeevini Healing Cards

Molecular Expressions

Drugs For Bugs

We encourage you to take advantage of our
Free Cybershaman VIII
prior to purchasing a more sophisticated version. Once you use it, you will be assured that what you purchase is the real thing.


Choose from the versions below to begin the checkout process or email for the latest deals.

After your transaction is completed, you will be taken to a web page where you will be given further instructions. Emails will follow with the program download link and further instructions.Be sure to check your spam bin if you don't see a response within 2 hours. Sometimes transactions take that long to clear.

Cybershaman 8 is 100% compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8.0, 8.1 and Windows 10 Preview.

On Windows 7 you need a Virtual Machine running one of the compatible operating systems. You can run Cybershaman in Windows 7 without a Virtual Machine, but you will be limited to one tone at a time. With a Virtual Machine everything works perfectly.

The new Cybershaman On The Cloud Versions eliminate platform limitations.


Windows Versions

The 3 Session Version



The 12 Session Version



Cybershaman VIII Pro

The Unlimited Session Version



For additional info contact



For additional info contact


All support and sales will be managed by

Purchase of a commercial Cybershaman version will include membership to

Cybershaman Tribe, an on-line social interaction site where you will be able to post images, videos, blogs, forum posts, and get assistance with Cybershaman.

Contacting Ernie Vega is not an option. Ernie will not be involved in the day to day operations.


Coming soon!


Cybershaman VIII improves almost every aspect of Cybershaman including the core math engine.

It's designed to leverage new technology computers and customizable to run on older technology platforms.

Animations and templates fully integrated and a slew of new charged images created by Ernie Vega that will cover just about any need when combined with the legacy images included in the Cybershaman VIII commercial Versions.

More key places to insert images, a sound recorder, and a simplified interface with multiple menu displays, as well as a veiled privacy mode. The 12 session and Pro Versions include about 600 mb's of images and sounds.

You will be invited to join Cybershaman Tribe, a new Social interaction site designed for Cybershaman users.


For the free version of Cybershaman email and you will be sent a download link.

- Here are some screen shots of Cybershaman VIII Free version-

Sound and words
Colors and how they impact us
Numbers and Systems
Putting it all together
Conclusions and Theoretical considerations

Hello CS8

This is the final CS8 Free version to be released very soon

Detail 1

The new interface is simple yet intuitive and provides a full featured product

Detail 2

Menus and entry fields are simple and familiar but minimalist in nature

Detail 3

Same presets with all the images and symbols  designed for CS

Detail 4

A sample of the new symbols on a familiar preset all created by E.V.

Detail 5

YES it has a database. By popular demand you can now save all your settings

Detail 6

Sample Symbol / Mandala A pattern of 8 is an amplifier and harmonizer based on 8.

Detail 7

The templates can be in front or in back of the images they amplify. There are many template types you can scroll through.

Detail 8

This is the CPU control panel that allows you to define exactly how much CPU to devote when used in conjunction with the power sliders on the menu pane

Detail 9

Buttons take on the color of the color bath when the payload is delivered to the target. Lets you know it's working :)

Detail 10

New larger image selection pane. These are old images not the new symbols to be distributed with the free version.


Detail 11

You can use my background, your background or use the built in gradient tool that allows you to define a solid 1 color fill or 2 color gradient fill for a background

Cybershaman -- the most advanced Psionic / Psychotronic / Radionic software in the world.

The new version, Cybershaman VIII will be released absolutely free with all the features fully functional and a database for the saving of settings. This version contains only symbols and images created and copyrighted by Ernie Vega. You may use your own symbols but the use of the new symbols is limited to Cybershaman and are not to be re-distributed, sold, or traded for any reason. There will be absolutely no support or explanations given by Ernie Vega. This product is provided as is and subject to agreement of terms set forth by Ernie Vega in the user agreement. Furthermore it is the wish of Ernie Vega that you use Cybershaman to its fullest potential, however Ernie Vega warrantees nothing at all and makes no claims whatsoever as to the efficacy of this software. The software runs on XP (all flavors) and Vista (all flavors). If you have technical difficulties look elsewhere as the software is fully tested and functions on all the OS's mentioned above. There is no spy ware or trojans of any kind, feel free to submit it to Norton, or any other Virus or malicious software detection group.



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