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A simple explanation of a complex concept
27 Nov, 2002

What are these programs I write? and what are they good for?
27 Feb, 2002

Remote Energy Transfer - The Core of Cyber- Shamanism
06 Feb, 2002

A book about power and freedom

The Significance of Structure
26 Feb, 2002

In structure lies the future of Science. The day traditional science accepts universal law, all energy related concerns will be past history.

The problem with Measure
09 Apr, 2002

09 Apr, 2002

Love is the answer
31 May, 2002

The Secret to Lasting Health
05 Feb, 2002

A Book about living for those tired of lies

Basic Operating Instructions for Cybershaman
14 Mar, 2002

18 Apr, 2002

CyberShaman and Paranormal Photography
14 Mar, 2002

Read these for a quick start

The Paranormal Club
30 Apr, 2002