This chart was developed by Malcolm Rae and David Tansley for the purposes of diagnosing the general condition of a person. All you need with it is a pendulum.

The witness of the person is placed in the circle and the pendulum held over it. As each area of the chart is considered, dthe pendulum will swing out to the point appropriate for the condition of that area of the person. The farther the swing the stronger the health. As each point is marked, lines are drawn connecting them thus giving a pattern which corresponds to the general physical condition of the person.

The prana, or life energy, of the person is tested by holding the pendulum over the prana flow box and the length of the swing indicates the strength of the life force flowing through the person.

Each chakra is best tested by using the chakra dial and sweep dial on the console and then marking that information in the places provided on the chart.

While designed for healing, the information given by this chart can be used for many things. Print up a bunch of copies.





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