Energy Producing Coil

Author : Joel McClain

Date : August 6, 1993

Theory of Operation

COILBAK is a simple circuit consisting of an astable oscillator and
an inverting comparator. The output of the astable is used to
energize a 6VDC relay, as well as to supply the inverting input to
the comparator.

SCR1 is normally ON. As the output of the astable RISES, the relay
is energized. When the astable output rises above reference (9VDC),
the comparator output goes LOW, disabling SCR1.

The inductive "kick", which is a HIGH NEGATIVE SPIKE, is discharged
to the storage battery negative terminal, via steering diode D2.
The storage battery absorbs the spike, and couples the net voltage
increase to the supply battery.

The aggregate energy of the spike as it discharges will EXCEED the
energy required to produce it, given the following conditions :

1. the sawtooth frequency is adjusted to energize the relay in
the LEAST possible time.

2. the reference voltage is OPTIMIZED to provide an adequate
relay CHARGE TIME at the LEAST possible DISCHARGE time.

3. a high conductive path, (i.e. LARGE GAUGE WIRE) is provided
from D2 to the STORAGE battery.

The net effect of optimizing the above is to achieve an aggregate
circuit resonance. It is based upon the GRAY motor, which
substituted electromagnets FOR THE RELAY, and which was capable of
powering an automobile.

This circuit is an above-unity voltage source, allowing surplus
energy to be tapped from the supply battery. It may be possible to
substitute large values of capacitance for the batteries, provided
that the tapped energy does not exceed the level required to sustain
circuit operation.

Each circuit must BE TUNED for its OPTIMUM POINT, which consists of
varying the sawtooth frequency and adjusting the reference voltage
for the LARGEST SPIKE with the SHORTEST discharge time.

Improvements may include pull-up networks (resistor + diode) on the
op-amp outputs, to avoid "float", if that affects operation.
Removing the cover of the relay will allow more air around the coil,
which is necessary to optimize the spike amplitude.

The GRAY motor was able to vary speed in intervals, based upon even-
order harmonics of the resonant circuit frequency. Once you attain
optimum gain from the circuit, you may want to try this, as well.
However, the GRAY motor also had inertial momentum to sustain
rotation above the starting point while increasing speed, and the
relay does not have this advantage.

What GRAY realized is that there is NO SUCH THING AS A DC MOTOR!
In a motor which is energized by a non-flucutating voltage source,
the inductive kick from the electromagnets is consumed as heat in
the windings. The CURRENT, if viewed on an oscilloscope, is
alternating, based upon the EMF (electro-motive force) and CEMF
(counter electro-motive force) of the inductive path. Therefore,
providing a discharge path will permit recapture of energy and
reduce heat. His motors ran very cool. Using the resonant
frequency of the electromagnets at peak allowed him to stress the
barrier and increase output energy, much the same as with a Tesla
coil, which produces several times the input power in the secondary.
The key is resonance on both types of devices.

In retrospect, the spike which COILBAK is "recycling" has ALWAYS
BEEN considered a nuisance in relay logic circuits, as it can
puncture the oxide barrier in CMOS devices which share a signal
ground path with the relays. It is typically suppressed or steered
back into the relay coil by diode, to dissipate it. All we are
doing is saving the spike energy, which EXCEEDS input at resonance.

The "aether" as it is called, or the air around us, or the vacuum in
a vacuum tube, is replete with primary and harmonic energy, at
levels which ARE INCALCULABLE! Stressing the barrier with ANY form
of energy will produce gains above unity. Keely did this with
sound, and Tesla did it with electricity. Gray did it with EMP.
COILBAK does it using the GRAY model, with some modification. If
you are familiar with inductor theory, you know that there is a
phase lag of 90 degrees, before current begins to flow.

COILBAK is de-energizing the coil by cutting off the voltage supply
at the point where EMF has ATTAINED MAXIMUM, but no longer. Current
is not allowed to be wasted as heat, but is delimited as CEMF in a
low resistance to the storage battery.
Vangard Note

You will note the use of several interesting points in this
file. Specifically, Joel's use of the term "an aggregate
circuit resonance" correlates with one of the discoveries made
by John Keely in the late 1800's. The file NEUTRAL1 gives the
basis for much of this principle of aggregation.

Essentially, each atom has a fundamental frequency, each bundle
of atoms forms a molecule which has a fundamental frequency in
addition to all the "bundled" atomic frequencies and so all the
molecules when aggregated (bundled) together form a mass
resonant frequency. Such an aggregation of frequencies can be
so manipulated as to become a harmoniously resonating
structure, that is all the parts work together with the LEAST
possible interference.

Keely refers to the construction of devices that were
"differentiated" or tuned to REMOVE any KNOTS or KINKS in the
material. Removal of these kinks would provide for a "pure"
flow of force THROUGH the structure. This was done in much the
same way that magnets or electrets are now formed.

One or more frequencies are injected into a hot or molten
structure, and allowed to influence the cooling structure. The
Chladni vibrating waveplate is a graphic illustration of what
actually goes on.

The various frequencies cause the mass to take on the form of
a 3 dimensional "map" of the injected signature and thus
polarizes the mass structure to some extent. This polarization
literally creates a physical imprint of the injected patterns.

When considered in this light, we can see how a mass can be
"tuned" to respond to specific frequencies which in turn leads
to other possibilities that go beyond the scope of this paper.

Such tuning can be made to be harmonious (constructive) or
enharmonious (destructive) and when made as perfectly resonant
as possible, the structure could directly interface to the
hyperspace (virtual) field.

This applies to circuits or objects such as a chair, rock, etc.
And since all these frequencies working in conjunction form what
is termed the "signature", one can get an idea of how to
manipulate mass for specific phenomena.

So, if we consider pure resonance as being analogically similar
to a super-conductor (i.e. no resistance), then the overall
efficiencies of such a resonant structure should be 100%
(perpetual motion or unity) OR GREATER (overunity or free
energy) because of the "purity of flow" of any energy injected
into it.

This is again analogous to the contentions stated in the file
MAGICSQ, which deals with basic replicating patterns that work
together in a harmonious and therefore REINFORCING overall
matrix for the redirection of force or generation of phenomena.

One of the questions that many people ask is where does this
"free" energy come from? There are several ideas about this.
Some say it is the jitter of all atoms/molecules that is
entrained in a laser like fashion to produce a directed energy,
others say it is a stress impressed on the local space/time
field, while yet others say it is a dimensional transfer from
what is casually termed hyperspace.

There are other, more conventional forms of "free" energy,
including solar, thermodynamic (heat pump) systems, geothermal,
wavepower, windpower, cold fusion, etc., and these are quite
valid and much easier to practically achieve.

Many consider the quest for overunity or scalar type free energy
to be in search of a "perpetual motion device". This could not
be further from the truth. Perpetual motion occurs naturally in
all atoms, simply from the rotation of the electron(s) around
the proton/nucleus and the rotation of planets around the sun,
so WHERE does THAT force come from?

It is simply a matter of understanding the SOURCE of this energy
and HOW TO TAP that source. So, the researchers in this area
discuss various theories and approaches, determine (in some very
creative ways) how to test the theories in a circuit or
mechanical structure and keep working at it. There is little
doubt that MANY OTHERS have actually discoverd how to tap this
source, however, they have become embroiled with investors,
threatened by vested groups or governments or a host of other
reasons, and so many DIED with the secret.

One thing we all hear is sarcastic remarks regarding our
interests and researches in free energy and other "alternative"
studies. There are SO many who are SO brainwashed and not
willing to try to think for themselves. It serves no purpose to
get into dissipative dialogues with these people.

The information is available and most of us will freely discuss
any questions that "outsiders" or "neophytes" have in these
areas. That is about the best we can do UNTIL the working
machines are OUT and suddenly, all the doubters will jump on the
bandwagon, claiming to have been "supporters" all along. Just

The ONLY way such devices will EVER see practical use and with
the minimum of CONTROL, is through the computer networks such as
InterNet, CompuServe and KeelyNet functioning in a sourcing
role coupled with the OPEN SHARING OF INFORMATION as Joel
McClain, Floyd Sweet, William Hyde and many others have done.

This way, when the plans are discovered and FREELY SHARED, they
will be passed onto the much larger global systems as fast as
humanly possible, and from there, downloaded, printed and copied
for distribution to the hundreds of thousands of people who
study such subjects (and all this done at MINIMAL cost).

There is little question that we are all being monitored by
governments AND large corporations, indeed, it would be STUPID
of them NOT to monitor our actions. When the actual machines
are built and used, it will change the world in a most
disruptive way, however, change is necessary for growth and
society is notoriously ADAPTIVE.

We foresee practical free energy devices in the next 2 years, IF
NOT SOONER. Joel is an inspiration in this respect because he
not only experiments but openly shares his work.

Some have questioned why such information should be freely GIVEN
to people who have made no expenditures of either time or money.

We understand the feeling and to some degree concur with it,
however, such an attitude serves to quench the sharing of
information which will logically lead to practical working
devices. And since the END RESULT we are ALL seeking is to see
and USE our own personal free energy machine (for starters),
then we cannot accept or support such an attitude.

We too have LONG SUFFERED the lifting of information,
distribution of material at our own cost and other activities
that EXPECTED some people to be TAKERS and not SHARERS. So,
there are snakes in the grass and we must just live with it as a
part of the lower human nature.

So, the best thing we can all do is freely share information
such as this file, pass it around to your own friends and
contacts and don't worry about the USERS. Each of us has a
higher purpose and plays a part in a larger plan.

Should you choose to experiment in this area, we would GREATLY
APPRECIATE your sharing of your findings or improvements, etc.
There are SO MANY people who would actively carry out
experiments if they had a clue as to how to approach the
problem. This file is an excellent starter and your input will
only help to accelerate the INEVITABLE development of practical,
duplicatable free energy machines. Imagine what a world would
come from this! THANKS






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