The Hieronymous Pattern

In 1949 T. Galen Hieronymous patented what was for many years the most famous radionic device in the US. In the 1950s, John W. Campbell, the science fiction writer and editor decided to build the unit in the hope of debunking it. To his great surprise it worked and not just for him! But there was more. Campbell discovered that just the circuit diagram of the instrument would work just as well as the real instrument.

You can imagine the shock he must have felt at that moment.

Anyway, the circuit pattern has been published many times but never with much of an explanation of how to use it. Then, in the early 1990s, G. Harry Stine published his "Mind Machines?"which had the first truly detailed discussion of what he called the "symbolic Hieronymous Machine."

I have made a few additions to the basic pattern to make it even more easy for you.

Begin by printing out the pattern itself.

Then you will need:

1 sheet of poster board

the prism dial pattern which you will print out

a paper fastener (brad)

and some glue.

Cut the poster board to fit the pattern. You should have enough left over for the prism dial and a small square to act as a stick pad.

Glue the pattern to the poster board.

Cut out the prism dial and a piece of poster board the same shape and glue them together with the triangle showing.

Punch a hole in the center of the large circle on the H. pattern.

Punch a hole in the center of the dial

Fasten them together with the brad so the dial turns freely.

Cut a small square and glue it with the shiny side up over the square spiral in the corner of the H. Pattern.

To use this instrument, place the witness of whatever you wish to work with on the spiral cirle in the corner opposite the stick pad. Adjust the dial while stroking the pad as in any other radionic unit. Then think at it.





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