First, this is an easy orgone accumulator to build. Anyone can do it with materials that should be available at most places around the world.

Materials needed are: a) rolls of cotton b) rolls of steel wool c) cotton fabric or a pillow case.

A double layer consisting of a layer steel wool and a layer of cotton. is also known as a "fold" in orgone accumulators. One can make this blanket or pillow size accumulator with as many "folds" as their fabric will allow. The fabric used to enclose the accumulator should be fairly thin fabric like that used on a pillow case.

To constuct an orac the size of a pillow, one should start making alternating layers of steel wool and cotton. Make sure that the square footage size of each layer is slightly smaller than the size of the pillow case so that it may be inserted into the pillow case when all the layers are done. Be sure each layer is thick enough so that the layer below can not be seen though the upper layer. Generally a three to five "fold" accumulator is ample to fit into a pillow case. Be sure to have the steel wool as the bottom layer and the cotton as the top layer.

When construction is complete please be sure to follow these important instructions and cautions of use as given in Wilhelm Reich's literature.

1. Always have the steel wool side facing what ever you are using the accumulator on.
2. Do "not" use near electrical fields. Some examples are: televisions, microwaves, flourescent lights, and any high radiation such as xrays or nuclear radiation.
3. It is not recommended to use accumulators during rainy weather, heavily clouded weather, and smoggy or hazy weather.
4. Do not sleep with this as if it is a pillow rather use it as a blanket pad. If used on your body it was recommended by Wilhelm Reich to be used no more than two times a day for less than 45 minutes. We make absolutely no medical claims for this device. We make this information available for use of research only. Accumulators can be used to detect a temperature differential from the inside verses the outside which may vary depending on atmospheric conditions. Research of other variables connected accumulators such as magnetic effects, humidity, electroscopes, and a variety of other factors that may be deemed appropriate by the researcher to be useful in further understanding in how and why the accumulator works.





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