ORGONE EMITTERS - Aetheric Energy Tools

Thanks to the pioneering work of the natural scientists mentioned above, it will be possible to describe the construction of two resonant aetheric devices, which the author has named "Chi Pencils." Both devices are constructed around a central, resonant cavity. The formula for calculating the dimensions of the resonant cavity was derived from the research of ballistics expert Gerald Bull, Phd.

The "emitting" device is basically a cylindrical, metallic cavity with a non-metallic outer layer. By means of the boundary phenomenon discovered by Reich, aether is drawn from the space around its sides and emitted from both ends. (In principle this is similar to a laser.) The geometric energy field around the emitting device is pictured in Figure 5.

The "vacuum" device is simply the inverse: a non-metallic cylindrical cavity with a metallic outer layer. Aether is drawn into one end and dispersed through the sides. The geometric energy field around the vacuum device is pictured in Figure 6.


How to Build the Emitting Device

The following supplies are required:
- a length of 5/32 inch brass tubing
- 1/8 inch soft cotton cord
- metal tubing cutter
- metric ruler, sharp knife, hot glue gun.

1. Cut a piece of brass tubing that is exactly 18.1 cm long.
2. Apply a small bead of hot glue to the outside of one end and affix the cotton cord.
3. Working 2 cm at a time, apply a bead of hot glue and wrap the cord snugly around the tubing.
4. Trim away the excess cord.

How to Build the Vacuum Device

The following supplies are required:
- a length of 5/32 inch ID vinyl tubing
- a length of 5/16 inch brass tubing
- metal tubing cutter
- metric ruler, sharp knife, electrical tape.

1. Cut a piece of brass tubing that is exactly 18.1 cm long.
2. Wrap electrical tape around the vinyl tubing in a few places so that it fits snugly inside.
3. Slide the vinyl tubing into the brass tubing until the ends are flush.
4. Trim away the excess vinyl tubing.

Sensory Exercises

To date the aetheric force streams generated by the resonant devices described above have defied detection by ordinary instruments. This is not surprising, since aether is believed by many to be a "living" energy, while ordinary instruments are most certainly "dead." However, detection of the aetheric forces by a living organism (such as the human body) is quite straight forward.

Experiment #1: Hold the emitting Chi Pencil lightly in one hand. Breathe deeply, and relax. Now bring the tip close to the palm of your other hand. Hold it still for several seconds and mentally picture a thin fluid flowing between the tip and your palm. Try moving the tip in a slow, small circle around your palm. Most people readily experience a sensation of pressure or "heaviness" from the etheric stream. Shake your hand vigorously a few times to clear it.

Experiment #2: Hold the vacuum Chi Pencil about four inches from your palm. Breathe deeply and relax as before. One end will invoke a distinctive sensation at this distance. Be patient, it may take several seconds. Many people experience a "prickly" or "granular" sensation from one end only. This sensation is more subtle than with the emitting device. Try other sensitive spots, such as the inside of your wrist. When you determine which end is active, mark it with a small piece of tape.

Experiment #3: Repeat experiments 1 and 2 while holding a thin piece of paper in your palm. Notice if the sensation feels different as the aetheric stream passes through the paper (organic materials tend to accumulate aetheric energy).

Experiment #4: Take a length of copper wire and strip the insulation from both ends. Make a small loop in the bare wire at one end. Point each type of Chi Pencil at the loop while holding the other end in your fingertips. See if you can detect a sensation as the aetheric stream is transmitted through the wire (metals tend to conduct aetheric energy).

Experiment #5: Bring the active end of the Vacuum Chi Pencil close to either end of the Emitting device and then gently push them together. See if you can detect a certain "resistance" which feels like the force between similar magnetic poles. This may be due to interference between opposite rotations of the two etheric streams.

With these tools in hand, you may begin to experience the world of aetheric forces directly. Allow this intimacy with Nature to guide you in the design of new experiments. Do not underestimate the value of clarity and highest intent in this work.



Conclusion: The Cooperative Future
Interest in the aesthetic value of geometric structures has waned since the days of ancient Greece. Yet new evidence points to geometry as the key to clean energy in the post-modern age. Who will grasp this concept and build the dynamos of tomorrow?

Perhaps that responsibility is too great for any one person or group. The doctrine of knowledge as property has failed to advance the human condition, promoting instead the lesser qualities of greed and aggression. The time for such folly has passed. Share your knowledge freely, and let cooperation be the engine of innovation.